Friday, April 11, 2014

Miss Wonder in "Revenge of The Sandman" ON SALE NOW!

Miss Wonder in "Revenge of The Sandman"
A Comic Strips Parody
Starring: Bella Luciano
One of the world’s most notorious villains, The Sandman, has been captured.  Diana Rodgers tries to get a confession out of him, but she soon finds out his capture is only temporary, and he uses his powers to break free.  Diana knows this may be her only chance to lock him up for good and transforms into her alter-ego Miss Wonder!  The Sandman is no match for her strength and the power of her magic lasso and finds himself bound once again, but vows to seek revenge.  Diana returns home, as she is getting ready for bed, she finds an envelope on her pillow.  Once she opens the envelope, there is nothing inside other than a mysterious dust.  Feeling too exhausted to investigate it, she falls fast asleep, entering the true domain of The Sandman!  Now inside her dreams, The Sandman takes control of a place where her strength, powers and morality are stripped away and feeds on her raw sexual desires.  Miss Wonder is helpless and gives in to The Sandman, her only escape will be waking up in the morning, but now that The Sandman is inside her dreams, she will have to face this nightmare forever!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Lois Layne - ON SALE NOW!

Lois Layne
A Comic Strips Parody
Starring: Bella Luciano
Its Lois Layne’s birthday and her man of steel can’t be there to join her. Lois is disappointed, but soon finds out he has given her an amazing gift in his absence, a watch that will give her the same superpowers as him!  While taking a shortcut through an alley, Lois is ambushed by a thug who wants to make her birthday special… for him.  After she is knocked out, he brings her to an abandoned building where he takes his time with the sexy reporter.  After surviving the ordeal, Lois returns home and puts on the watch, transforming into Super Lois and feeling true superpowers for the first time.  Seeking revenge, Lois returns to where she was tortured luckily finding the thug and decides to get justice for herself.  Begging for his life, the thug tries to bribe Lois to let him live with a beautiful ring he had stolen from another woman. As soon as she lays her eyes on it, she is overtaken by a strange desire and realizes it is not an ordinary red jewel, it is Red Kryptonite! The stone consumes her and she can’t fight the fire and passion building in her, she is under his power. Lois gives herself to the stranger, but what will happen when the power wears off and she has to face what she has done?
The brand new video is just $16.99!

Saturday, February 15, 2014


A Comic Strips Parody
Starring: Bella Luciano

Pussycat has her eyes on one of the most valuable jewels in the world, The Gotham Ruby, and plans to use her irresistible sexuality to entrance a thug into helping her steal it.  After giving him just a taste of her goods, the two criminals break in and steal the ruby, but when the thug wants more, Pussycat shows her true colors and leaves him high and dry.  Enraged, the thug knocks her out and steals the ruby, leaving her out cold and behind bars.  The police make the foolish mistake of thinking any prison can hold the cat burglar queen, and she quickly escapes, looking for revenge!  Just as Pussycat is about to use her claws to shred him apart, the thug turns out to be more than she bargained for, taking her out and then taking what he wants.  Bound and gagged, the sexy feline is now his personal pussy plaything, and he will to enjoy every second of it.

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Redbird - The Dark Ages - ON SALE NOW!

Redbird - The Dark Ages

A Comic Strips Parody

Starring Bella Luciano

The year is 2150, civilization as we know it has descended into a new dark age.  Tyrants rule the earth, waging wars and enslaving women.  Tatiana’s village was destroyed, and now she lives locked up as one of many sexual slaves of an evil warlord.  After finally taking as much humiliation as she can handle, Tatiana fights back and escapes her tormentor, making a vow that no one will ever suffer under his rule again!  Under a mask and cloak Tatiana transforms into Redbird, and swoops in for vengeance.  Redbird faces off against the evil warlord, but he is too strong for her to defeat, and has once again become a slave under his control.  The warlord takes his time with his new masked plaything, and then once he has used her for all his sexual pleasure, unmasks her and reveals her true identity, the slave that got away, Tatiana.  Now that Redbird’s identity has been exposed, and the Warlord has his favorite slave back under his control, he uses his favorite pleasure device to break down this rebellious heroine once and for all.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

The Hauntress Returns - Starring Brandi Belle - ON SALE NOW!

The Hauntress Returns

A Comic Strips Parody

Starring: Brandi Belle

Detective Helena Rose has been burning the candle at both ends, fighting crime day and night as Gotham Empire’s finest detective, and as her alter-ego “The Hauntress”.  After failing to rid the streets of the mind altering “Imagination Vacation”, Helena has had enough, calling it quits and hanging up her badge and mask forever.  Before she can settle into her new life, the man responsible for her downfall taunts her back into action, and for one last time The Hauntress returns to finish him once and for all. Going against her training, Hauntress rushes in without thinking and walks right into a trap.  The thug has a new product to launch, but what Hauntress doesn’t realize is that she is that new product.  After a powerful dose of Imagination Vacation down her throat, The Hauntress is now under his control.  She gives into every one of her sexual desires, and for the right price, everyone else who wants a piece of this sexy superheroine can have her.

The brand new 28 minute video is just $16.99!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Knightbat: Asylum City Chapter Two ON SALE NOW!

Knightbat - Asylum City - Chapter Two
Starring Brandi Belle
A Comic Strips Parody

Knightbat is trapped deep in the heart of Asylum City, prisoner of The Skaircrow.  After escaping his twisted therapy session, Knightbat flees back into the streets of the dangerous city. Fighting its mentally unstable residents in search of The Jokester, she soon discovers she won’t have to search for long when she wakes up face to face with the clown prince of crime.  Knightbat tries to take down her archrival, but exhausted and outnumbered, she finds herself once again prisoner of a twisted villain with an even more twisted plan.  The Jokester has convinced himself that the heart of her rage towards him is not her passion for justice but it’s their strong sexual tension and he plans to bring all of her suppressed feelings to the surface.  Will Knightbat end the Jokester’s twisted game and escape Asylum City, or will she find herself a prisoner there forever?  Find out in this exciting conclusion!