Friday, March 11, 2016


Justice - "Surrender"
A Comic Strips Parody
Starring: Madeline Blue

The Princess of Justice, Diana has been on high alert since one of her friend went missing a few weeks ago.  After some investigating she discovered her friend last known location was in an underground S&M club simply known as “Surrender.” Diana decides to go undercover to find out what happened to her friend, but stumbles into more than she expected.  The mysterious master of the underground dungeon won’t tell Diana what happened to her friend, but wants to show her instead. Diana isn’t intimidated by the human and her curiosity gets the best of her.  She allows him to restrain her, knowing his chains will never be strong enough to hold her.  She lets him tease her and play with her, but once she reaches the point of ecstasy, she has had enough of his games. She warns him that his games are finished and demands to release her friend, but he has once more trick up his sleeve and knocks out the once powerful princess, stripping her of her golden belt of power. The master of the dungeon has the superheroine under his full control, and enjoys every second of it.  He shows the beautiful heroine exactly what happens once she surrenders and what true 
weakness really is.  

Friday, December 11, 2015


Harla Qwinn
A Comic Strips Parody
Starring: Sade Holmes

On a dark night in Gotham Empire, an unspeakable act has happened.  The hotheaded hero Redbird, protégé and sidekick to Gotham Empire’s dark defender, found himself face to face with the evil pair known as The Jokester & Harla Qwinn.  Without his mentor to protect him, Redbird was no more.  Now, a few years later, the hero that was thought to be gone, has returned with a vengeance.   Harla is lured into an abandoned warehouse, where she unknowingly enters a game so evil; it puts hers and the Jokester’s to shame!  When she wakes up, she is faced with a terrifying choice: the love of her life The Jokester… or her. A choice that could have an explosive result! Harla refuses to play Redbird’s crazy game, but refusal is not an option.  He knows how to push every one of her crazy buttons, tickling, shocking and even pleasuring her into submission.  He gives her pain and pleasure that not even her love the Jokester could ever bring her. Broken and defeated, Harla is finally ready to accept her fate and make a choice that will forever change the lives of the villainous duo, 
but the game is far from over…  

Friday, November 13, 2015


Masters of Eternity - Evil Slave of Hardak
A Comic Strips Parody
Starring: Sade Holmes

The sorceress of darkness Evilynne is tired of serving under Skullator, and wants to become the ultimate Master of Eternity!  She casts a spell to bring forth all of the ancient evil spirits power, but she needs an evil powerful vessel to channel them through, and she knows just who to use, the master of darkness himself, Hardak!  Evilynne travels to Hardaks lair and attempts to seduce him, grinding her sexy body on him, making him want her so badly he cannot resist it, and just when his guard is down she uses her magic to complete her spell.  Hardak is too smart for her and quickly takes down the evil witch, he will not lett her go without making her his personal slave.  Hardak leashes her, chains her and vibes her until she is too weak to use her magic against him, then she becomes his personal plaything.  Evilynne fights as hard as she can, but the powerful Hardak shows her that he is the true master of darkness and she will serve him for all eternity!  

Friday, October 16, 2015

Turtle Ninja Mutants: April and the Ooze - ON SALE NOW!

Turtle Ninja Mutants: April and the Ooze
A Comic Strips Parody
Starring: Sade Holmes

The close friend and ally of the Turtle Ninja Mutants, reporter April Oneal is investigating the recent crime wave in New York by the group known as “The Feet” and their evil leader The Shredor.  April goes against the Mutants advice and ventures deep into Shredor’s underground lair where he is waiting to give her a story she didn’t bargain for! April tries to fight off the bladed ninja warrior, but she is too weak and soon is under his control.  The Shredor tears her clothing apart, and exposes her beautiful body to her new master.  After The Shredor has his way with April, he unveils his secret plan, new ooze designed to create an army of super mutants, that he will test on April herself.  The ooze slowly covers Aprils skin, as she feels its true evil power becoming one with her.  Back at the lair of the Turtle Ninja Mutants, April looks for help, but her friends are nowhere to be found.  She picks up the swords of their leader and the ooze takes effect! The ooze bonds her with the powers of all of her mutant friends, transforming the once mild mannered reporter, into Super April!  With her new powers, Super April returns to The Shredor’s lair for revenge!  Now that the evil villain sees the new ooze really works, he uses it on himself, becoming more powerful than ever before, and April is once again at his mercy!   After he enjoys his powerful new new slave, he reveals his ultimate plan, to use the super ooze to destroy the Turtle Ninja Mutants once and for all!  

Friday, September 25, 2015

Evilynne & Teelah: Web of Spells - ON SALE NOW!

Evilynne & Teelah: Web of Spells
A Masters of Eternity Video
A Comic Strips Parody
Starring: Sade Holmes & Madeline Blue
Teelah has been sent by the Masters of Eternity to find the mystical Mind Shard, a crystal that when powered, can control the mind of whoever its owner desires, but the evil Skullator has his eyes on the same jewel!  While Teelah searches through the dark catacombs, Skullator summons his minion, the eight-legged venomous Webstar, to find her and the shard before it is too late.  Teelah is soon trapped in Webstars web struggling to escape, when suddenly the wicked sorceress Evilynne decides to take matters into her own hands, and uses Websters tools of pleasure to torture and tease the warrior heroine.  Evilynne takes the shard back to her lair and summons its power using her evil magic.  Once she can feel its immense power flowing through her, the pleasure becomes overwhelming, too overwhelming for her to even satisfy herself, she must find someone else to satisfy her urges. Meanwhile Teelah is brought to Skullator without the shard, the evil villain is furious and takes out his frustration on the captured heroine, using her to unleash his powerful sexual rage.  Teelah is left alone and thinks she can finally escape this horrible ordeal, when she comes face to face once again with Evilynne who now possess the power of the Mind Shard! Evilynne uses the shard on Teelah, turning her into a willing partner to fulfill the dark, mystical, sexual desires flowing through her from the power inside the Mind Shard.  Once she has satisfied her cravings, Evilynne has another plan for Teelah, to destroy The Masters of Eternity!